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A new tumble dryer isn't cheap, which is why you should call us at 0800 Repair if your tumble dryer isn't working as it should. No matter where you are in Sheffield, our expert tumble dryer repair team can assist quickly and efficiently in order to provide top quality repairs for your dryer.

Our engineers are highly trained and highly experienced, otherwise they wouldn't be working for us. Because of this, you can have the peace of mind that we're a reputable and capable appliance repair company and the very best solution around when it comes to tumble dryer repairs.

We can help with all sorts of tumble dryer issues, both common and rare. Examples of routine tumble dryer problems include:

  • Rattling drums
  • Poor drying performance
  • Snapped belts
  • Burning smells

But this list is not in any way exhaustive. That's why, no matter what the symptoms of your tumble dryer fault are, let us find the best course of treatment and get it working again. Whether tumble dryer repairs are sufficient or a replacement part needs to be fitted, we should be the company here at 0800 Repair that you call when you're in the Sheffield area and in need of tumble dryer assistance.

We provide a host of other repairs, from cooker repairs to dishwasher repairs. If you need appliance repairs in the Sheffield area, 0800 Repair are the people to call.

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Expert Tumble Dryer Repairs. Expert engineers with years of experience repairing tumble dryers.

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Services That We Can Offer:

  • Faulty Drum or Bearing Replacement
  • Blocked Pumps
  • Snapped Belts
  • Door Gasket Replacements
  • Spin Cycle Problems
  • Heating Problems
  • All Repairs Fixed